What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

April 30, 2022 0 Comments

Vinyl replacement windows can be a great way to enhance a home’s value and beauty. This type of window has many advantages over traditional windows, such as being durable, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and aesthetically appealing. However, these are not the only benefits they deliver.

There comes a time when every homeowner must make the important decision of whether or not to replace their windows. With the overwhelming amount of options available on the market, making a decision sometimes can get confusing.

There are however good reasons why many homeowners choose vinyl windows over the alternatives, with two of the biggest ones being that they are cost effective and energy efficient. These two factors alone can help homeowners realize that they can have substantial savings by choosing to go with vinyl.

Energy Efficiency

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of vinyl windows ensure that they can withstand extreme temperature changes. It is for this reason that the windows provide excellent insulation, helping keep the home warm during winter and cool during summer. This type of window eliminates any chances of water or air infiltration because the corners of their frames are fusion welded with a strong sash.

Some vinyl windows are filled with inert gases between their vacuum filled dual panes of glass (in most cases argon), which reduces heat loss through convection. As a result, this increases the window’s energy efficiency and can help families cut down on their energy bill – which is something we all want to do.

There is also a special  Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet glass coating called Low-E that reduces heat transfer, while still letting the light in and not obstructing your view at all. Glass windows without this coating contain less of an R-Value and therefor cause for a loss of heat in the winter and a house that’s all too hot in the summer.

Noise Reduction

Another benefit to vinyl windows is that they can increase comfort levels in a room by reducing outside noise, making your home a much quieter and serene place. The windows, specifically those that are argon filled, reduce noise because the gas is denser than the air, which creates an additional layer of insulation that impedes sound transmission.