Real Estate Development Financing Creates Critical Situation

September 15, 2021 0 Comments

Real estate investing isn’t on any list of electives for high school. Accredited degrees in real estate investing are not available. A college or high school guidance counselor is unlikely to recommend a career involving real estate investment.

The U.S.’s public schools system and educational curriculum do little to prepare students to “get a good job.” There is no class on “Making Money 101.” It is not possible to take a class “How to Become Financially Independent.” No teacher has ever taught a class on “How do you succeed when everyone else fails?” My 10 years in college did not teach me anything about entrepreneurship or becoming wealthy. I became a multimillionaire because I learned real estate investing skills. These skills were taught to me at the University of Hard Knocks, through trial and error.

Never underestimate the cost of education. There is no free lunch. This knowledge isn’t available in a school setting, so learning how to make a living will be a costly endeavor. The cost of education can seem expensive. But you should also consider the costs of ignorance.

But learning how to make money in real estate investing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Yes, I am aware that real estate investing TV infomercials as well as seminars throughout the country cost a lot to attend the Boot Camps and 3-day seminars. But this is small change in comparison to the fees they plan to charge later. Take note of this fact: Real estate investing infomercials and seminars all make you a target for “real-estate investing coaching.” You can be charged up to $25,000 for coaching and guglu homes real estate annually. Sometimes you’re assigned to a kid “still behind the ears” to call each week to hold your arm and whisper to your ear what commonsense and persistence should already have taught you. Because I know everything about real estate investing, I won’t lie. Many of the so-called “gurus”, I personally know. I’ve been in close contact with it for 25+years. My opinion is that the fees are prohibitive because the promoters own deep pockets.

25 years ago was the first year of my realty investing career. At that time, TV informationmercials about realty investing were not common and realty investing seminars were rare. Mark Haroldsen started a trend by holding regular seminars in real estate investing. Later Robert Allen expanded the market. Robert Allen promoted the idea of real estate investing conferences in major American cities. He saw a demand for high-priced real estate investing kits that contained information in cassette tapes or note books. In subsequent years, television infomercials, costly seminars, and exorbitant coaching fees followed. Real estate investors today want more than just a decent salary. They often feel they must “pay through their nose” to acquire the necessary knowledge.

However, they often discover that the education in real-estate investing is much more easily obtained by doing diligent research.

Real estate investing is one of those skills that can be learned quickly and easily. Real estate investing is one of most rewarding careers on Earth. The availability of fix-up houses is plentiful because more families live in houses than in caves. The only thing that contributes to improving America’s deplorable housing condition is real estate investment to fix up homes.

The vision of entrepreneurship is often captured by the aspirant who finds real estate investing. An alternative to costly seminars or coaching is the use of books and online courses.